Why I Love “Forced” Bi As A Bisexual Woman

We had been talking for a little under ten minutes when I got the sense that he might be my kind of kinkster. There are a number of taboo fetishes that I hear about regularly – which I share – that even though the person knows that I am into the same thing as them, the taboo of the fetish means that they still cannot bring themselves to talk about it unprompted.

“Tell me,” I began, “What do you think of big, beautiful cocks?” 

It was good for him that I couldn’t see his face, because I am sure, even now, that he would have been blushing. 

“I love them, Mistress.” He half-answered me in a small voice, as if he was asking permission to love the naughty things he desired the most. 

I couldn’t help myself, I grinned wickedly as I pushed him, “What was that boy, I can’t hear you.” I told him. 

“I love big cocks Mistress!” He answered, this time significantly louder. 

Laughing, I gave him a moment before I told him, “That sounds perfect, boy! Have you ever had one?” 

Forced Bi fantasies – at least in my circles – seem incredibly common. For the most part, although not always, they seem to come from a place of someone desperately wanting to experience what it is like to be dominated by, or used by, a man. 

Sometimes the person having the fantasy will begin to refer to themselves and bi after they have experienced the fantasy because they are in fact bisexual, but most of the time this is not the case. 

Most of the time the people who want to explore these sorts of bisexual fantasies want a specific fantasy, and that is the only time they fantasize about or are interested in men. 

I know all of this because I have facilitated many forced bi fantasies. This is something I have explored in my personal life in addition to after becoming a dominatrix.

I sell audio clips of me talking about fantasies I have had of forcing a guy to give another guy head, in addition to the occasional story that is true without telling anyone the difference – can you spot it? – I began by facilitating these sorts of fantasies in my private life where I play with submissives and sexy men and instruct the submissive exactly what he has to do to the sexy man. This is something we all enjoy and all consent to, of course. The term ‘forced’ in forced bi is a bit of a oxymoron. I never force anyone to do anything. I just facilitate things so we can explore our mutual desires together.

Part of the attraction for ‘forced’ bi for me is the taboo (and I say this realizing FemDom is already taboo!). These are straight men who have often had to prove their masculinity and heterosexuality their whole lives and who can finally now let their fantasies – which for them are deep, dark, naughty and taboo – take over. 

Part of the attraction too is the sheer sexiness of seeing two men together. Female fans of Male-male erotica are on the rise everywhere, from western countries to China, as we begin to question what is really hot to us and often come up with ‘more men’. 

If one man is good, then two men are better. 

If one submissive is good when he is pleasing me, then watching him please someone else and experiencing the rush of knowing just how much he is loving this and watching the face of the other man when he enters a state of bliss with my submissive on the end of his cock.

Well, that’s just perfect!

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