#FDDateNight & Friday Date Night Ignore Line

Regular followers of mine on twitter would have seen the tweets. First the mention of a changed schedule – not taking calls on Adult Work on Friday evenings anymore – and then the reason why.

I have someone.

Well, I have a few someones. I am a domme in my private life as well as working as a professional dominatrix.

I have men who adore me.

I have men who serve me.

I have men who are privileged enough to take me out on dates.

And these men – the third group – are the ones I am seeing on a Friday night, and which I always seem to be announcing on twitter! 😉 These are the men who callers of my I Want Clips ignore line will hear when they call and listen in.

What will they hear?

They might hear music playing in the background, soft and romantic in a fine restaurant or of a band playing a gig – I am still in my twenties after all, and do love to have fun!

They might be lucky enough to hear our conversation, maybe if they listen long enough, they will be able to work out what we’re talking about.

They might hear flirting.

Or, they might hear something a bit more intimate.

For this last one is what I imagine the cuck’s who have made an appearance lately on my twitter and fetlife are looking for. They want to experience the joy of knowing they are not getting any action as superior alphas do.

They are not getting any action, and they are paying $5 a min. Essentially, they are paying for me to date other men.

I would say poor things, if I didn’t know how exciting this was for them.

Is it exciting for you? Will I be hearing your heavy breathing down the line tomorrow evening (my time, Australian Eastern Standard time)? Will it be you who pays up?

I look forward to finding out!



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