“Banned” Fetishes & The Aussie Domme Who Loves Them!

You may have missed it if you’re not on my twitter – and I know a lot of you are not – but yesterday I tweeted about something that is endlessly frustrating for me after I got off an IM conversation on Adult Work:

This is an ongoing issue for myself and those that use these platforms to connect with new subs and playthings. If we flaunt the rules, we risk our accounts. If we stick to them, we risk not connecting to sometimes wonderful potential play things who we could share more than a fleeting interaction online with.

Since coming into this, I have found a variety of ways around the problem. I have connected with playthings via social media – fetlife and twitter mostly – and then after they make their initial tribute, I have told them to move over to skype or similar for sessions, with me having to keep an eye on billing. Although keeping an eye on money when you’re used to just talking freely and having someone else do all of that for you is somewhat annoying, at least we can talk about whatever we like without the annoying, ‘sorry, I can’t talk about that’. HATE having to say that!

As a professional writer too, I have had submissives approach me for commissioned writings, and in those I can explore any fetish we like.

Then there is custom audios off sites like I Want Clips, which can be anything we like as well.

Although these are great alternatives, it frustrates me that I cannot offer them to anyone on Adult Work. I realize their logic behind not wanting to have PSOs poach their clients, but if they’re not going to give those clients what they’re seeking, well…

There is plenty to think about here. I guess the point in me posting this was that I wanted to extend a little empathy to those who may feel marginalized because they have kinks that not even PSOs can talk to them about. I also want to explore other alternatives on the blog so I can send a blog link to anyone in the future who approaches me with a fetish which has been made taboo or banned on any particular platform.

Let’s keep it real y’all – this stuff is supposed to be fun, not banned.

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend everyone! This evening, in about an hour actually, I will be going on a date with a sexy alpha. Want to hear the date happening live for your voyeuristic pleasure? Well, there is a way...

Until next time, stay naughty!



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