Becoming the sub She Can’t Get Out of Her Head

I received a little love note this morning from another boy who says he cannot get me out of his head since we last spoke. Of course, this pandered to my ego, but it also touched a part of me that was more raw and real than most dominatrix would let on even exists.

Yes, sometimes boys do touch our hearts. Sometimes when I message someone after not talking for ages, it isn’t all about money. Sometimes it’s out of a genuine concern for them, because we had a real connection and I want to see how he is doing.

My whole job is about connection and relationships. Yes, those relationships often take on a form that people are not necessarily familiar with, as a woman who humiliates men online for money then slowly gets to know them – and yes, care about them – isn’t a relationship type we’re seeing in many Hollywood blockbusters. Those relationships are there though, and they are as real as any other.

So for the boy who might be a little hopeless and unsure, I have a few ways you can approach women – and me specifically – that will catch her attention using the affiliate programs off websites I am already using. I am using this example because without spending more money than you would normally spend getting to know her/me – often for a lot less – you will stand out from others due to the fact that boys just don’t think to use these schemes to get attention, so the few who do will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

This is a way you stand out several times where other boys won’t: when you sign up and I see you’ve used my referral link; when you get in touch and I know I’ll be getting paid twice for this contact; then when we actually talk, I’ll remember you all the more fondly afterwards as the submissive who thought of me, and keeping me happy, in more ways than just the one.

Let’s talk specific programs then…


When you use her referral link to sign up (mine’s here!) and spend $50, she receives $50. For bonus points, and because you want her attention, spend that money on calling her. Right now I have a special of 0.99c p/m for calls as I am new to the platform. That $50 will give you almost an hour of talk time. Something you wouldn’t receive as a regular finsub sending their initial tribute.


For my British slave boys, you kinky little things! I have been on this site the longest, and still use it more than any other. For every credit you load onto your account in the first six months, I receive 3.00%. I also receive a little bit from the people you refer, too. Click here to check out my profile and sign up!


I am new to TalkToMe and just finding my way around. It appears to be a NiteFlirt alternative with the same options to upload audio stories and take phone calls. The referral program is also the same. Sign up, spend $50 (calling me) and I receive a referral bonus of $50 in addition to you getting to actually talk to me instead of tributing for much less of my attention.

So there you have it, three ways to get my attention. I’ll see your username come up when you sign up and then later when you call or message me, I’ll know it’s you.

So there you have it, leveraging programs the domme of your dreams is already using to get and hold her attention.

If you like this post, let me know in the comments and by sharing it around social media. If the post gets a lot of attention, I’ll post more tips for subs on how to hold our attention!



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