Happy Holidays From Victoria Gray!

This week has been huge, as I have connected with new submissives, fetishists and playthings, and as I have re-connected with people who I have not spoken to since my first tentative weeks of dipping my toe into the world of online dominatrix work. 

It has been a wild ride this year, that’s for sure! 

A lot of pro doms – myself included – will talk about how they came to professional dominatrix work after being lifestyle kinksters and dommes, and it’s a fantastic way to find this world, but the two can be completely different. 

Although by and large most of the people who come to me come to me because they have seen my large collection of forced bi audios, or because they know I love an unusual fetish, there are people who come to me who don’t click with me at all, but who still like me and want to talk about their kinks. 

It’s an interesting way to meet new people, and potentially to make new friends, but it isn’t something I expected. 

There is so much in this world I have not expected. I could write a book about all the things I didn’t expect. 

I won’t though. Right now is not the time for me to exercise my writing skills, it is a time for me to wish you all a happy holidays and to remind you all that I will be back on the phones and releasing new audios on January the 6th

Think you’ll miss me between now and then? Download my audios on iWantClips and Clips4Sale or send me a holiday tribute on AVN Stars

I’ll try not to miss you all too much as I take a nice, long, Australian Christmas-Summer Break. 

Until next year, 



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