New Year, Same Victoria!

Congratulations, I have returned from my trip! I am now fresh and happy to begin a new year full of fun and debauchery.

Last year was my first as a dominatrix, and it was and exciting year. This year looks like it will be just as exciting, but might be taking some twists I had not expected – more on that when I have more details – it looks like I will get to continue my work as a dominatrix and a kink writer though, which is something I am very excited about!

Last year, I had been told that twitter would be booting all femdom accounts in the New Year. I am unsure if this never happened or if perhaps it has happened to some kinksters and I was spared, but I am still on twitter, and of course fetlife as always.

I will continue for now to take calls across AdultWork and NiteFlirt with the odd use of other platforms when I want to branch out to new subs. As always, my audio clips are available on Clips4Sale and IWantClips.

Further updates about me – and maybe some kink writing – will come later this week. Right now though I am re-connecting with the playthings and submissives I missed over my break.

Take care & talk soon,



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