Special Offer For My Good Pets!

I had been pondering affiliate referrals on websites like NiteFlirt and TalkToMe. Basically, if people use my links to sign up on these websites, after they spend $50 – within a reasonable time frame – I receive an affiliate bonus at no cost to them. For the websites it’s cheaper than paying for advertising, and for me it’s money for something I would be doing anyway, as these sites make it easier for both myself and the sub to interact, and also for subs to purchase picture sets and hot and heavy audio recordings.

But today it struck me, I have a bunch of people who sign up, then take ages to spend that $50, usually because they’re just chatting to me via messages or IM which is cheaper than phone. Although I normally wouldn’t mind, as a business woman, I realise I am leaving this money on the table as if they leave it too long, even though I referred them, I won’t receive that bonus.

So here’s my insentive to get anyone who is a little bit shy of that $50 or who has been hesitating to sign up in the first place. If you spend that $50 and I receive my affiliate bonus on these websites between now and the 4th of February, I will record and send a personal thank-you video to you. It will just be a 2 min vid. You can request something – like that I flip you off during the vid – but it won’t mean I’ll do it. This is my little thank you to you, after all.

If you are eager for more than just a thank you video, I have something extra special in mind for boys who sign up to both websites and spend their $50 on each website between now and then.

So get spending boys!

Those links:


Talk To Me

Chat soon,


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