How to call me on Adult Work

Adult Work was the first website I signed up for over a year ago when I began down the path to become a professional dominatrix. I liked the website because those British boys are kinky as fuck, but also there were a lot more local Australian boys using Adult Work than other sites I researched.

Since then though, I have had a number of people point out to me how clunky the website is. Most of those people choose to head over to NiteFlirt instead and contact me there.

The simplest way – once you have uploaded funds to your account – is that you give my profile a read if you haven’t already then Call +44203 455 0150 and when prompted, enter your User ID 5119872 and the PIN 1997128.

Much easier than getting lost on a clunky website, isn’t it!?

Looking forward to connecting with a few new pets now!



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