It’s Never Been Easier to Play, boy

Midway through polishing, still love this still from my only video so far ❤

I have been changing so much in the last few weeks that when a regular play thing sent me a message this morning, he wasn’t too sure where to send it.

In this last few weeks, I stopped using my first platform AdultWork; I transitioned to only using NiteFlirt for calls; I dropped down to only promoting my main three sites; and I picked up OnlyFans in a big way.

Because I have a lot to tell y’all and value your time, I will put the major changes that impact my play things in bold below and elaborate underneath for those who are interested to know more. This is great for me as well because all of your questions can be answered in one place so I can just link here when someone asks.

Going forward, I only use NiteFlirt (for calls) OnlyFans (for content & messaging) and Clips4Sale (for audio and video clips)

I still have a profile on AVN Stars and am happy to interact with people over there, however, I won’t be actively pushing the platform for new followers/subscribers.

I know I had a following on AdultWork and iWantClips, and I don’t want to leave y’all behind, so I am leaving my profiles up on those sites for a little while as a way of transitioning away. I will be leaving AdultWork and iWantClips ultimately though.

If you’re not on my three sites already, what are you doing? You can add me to your favorites on NiteFlirt, Subscribe to me for free on OnlyFans or hit up every audio clip – and one video clip – I have ever recorded on my Clips4Sale store.

I have a NiteFlirt Schedule!

If you’ve called me on NiteFlirt or added me to your favorites, you will have received the email asking people for what times suit them to connect then the follow-up letting y’all know that those who responded received free mins from me.

As a result of the help everyone offered, I decided to aim to be around for everyone’s evening three days a week, with a few odd times mixed in when they suit.

That meant that because of time zones (I want to be around for the evening in Europe, North America and my local Australian play things) I will be available from morning until evening Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I am also going to try and be available when I can on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Although these times will vary from week to week.

For sustainability, my NiteFlirt rates go up after this week

In the past, I priced NiteFlirt the lowest to try and get people who were signing up to the site just to talk to me the chance to access my lowest rates. Now the site is the only one I am on, I will need to push my prices up from $1.69 pm to $1.99 pm. Most people likely won’t notice, but I wanted to let y’all know so you could call me and have those long chats before my rate goes up from next week onward.

All my audios are on Clips4Sale, you can find some elsewhere though

Many of my audios are available through NiteFlirt’s Goodie Bags. There are also a few odd spots around the internet where you can purchase my audios, however, Clips4Sale is the only complete collection, so if you’re a fan of my audios, that’s the place to go.

I think I have covered everything in this update, and hope it clears things up to those who do follow my social media, in addition to those who follow the blog, as I did remove some links from the play with me page.

Over the next week I am going to be sitting down and working on getting back on track with my blogs rather than just news and updates. They’re much more fun to read after all.

Until Next Time,



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