Erotic Audios making way for Fetish Vids on my Clips4Sale

I love erotic audios. I can go pretty much anywhere and record them, even while at a cafe. I can record whatever I want to say directly to boys who love my voice, and who might not be able to be online at the same time as me. I can get off on the fact that this one message goes out to a heap of men who will all jerk off to the sound of my voice and the filthy thoughts in my mind.

Erotic audios are still something I will be doing in the future, but with OnlyFans quickly taking over as my main platform and me spending hours every day messaging boys on there, as well as creating the content they want to see (I run polls and ask boys directly what they like), I have less time to churn out sexy erotic audios for sites like NiteFlirt and Clips4Sale.

So I am going to be uploading content I made for OnlyFans onto Clips4Sale from now on. The content will likely be videos rather than audios. I will also upload those videos a week after they have been on OnlyFans, so people who subscribe to my OnlyFans – it’s free, btw! – and interact with me more often have my content first.

My feet after a foot bath and a massage and a ‘foot mask’ ready to receive some cute colour on them toes! x

This brings me to the first OnlyFans fetish video – this time foot fetish – that I just uploaded to Clips4Sale. You can purchase yours here.

I hope y’all enjoy the videos going forward. I am not sure when I am going to go back to mass producing erotic audios. Perhaps a few more sales of those could push me in that direction? 😉

Until next time,



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