Fetish Isn’t a Dirty Word

I am obsessed with sex. If you visited my home, you would find books and movies about sex, a phone full of sex podcasts, and don’t get me started on my search history. I am the kind of person who wants to know all they can about something. I geek out. Sex is the thing I geek out about the most.

When I begun on my journey into professional domination online, I quickly found myself geeking out on all the (what I thought were cool) new fetishes I was coming face-to-face with. Was he into armpit hair? Camel toes? the noise your toes make when you scrape them across carpet? Did he go to his corporate job every day with a sock puppet in his pants before going home to an executive apartment full of soft toys?

When I began down this path into becoming a professional dominatrix, all of this fascinated me. My natural inclination to be the hard bitch domme and put boys in their place quickly gave way to this upbeat sex geek who was swallowing up everything she heard about other people’s fetishes.

Fast forward eighteen months and I am constantly on social media and online forums seeking out the most obscure fetishes and reading what the people who have those fetishes are feeling. Hey, I even signed up to OnlyFans right after watching a YouTuber talking about how she signed up for the site and found it ‘too full’ of fetishists. I was right in there, making a space for myself to hear about peoples unusual kinks.

This is something I adore. Sometimes I think about changing my marketing to something more like ‘sex geek who wants to hear about your fetishes, also domme’ rather than just a straight up domme who is fetish friendly. But then I remind myself that that’s not the way things are done around here.

Or is it? Could I be the professional dominatrix who is actually just here to hear all about your fetishes, and maybe indulge a few of them in a creative and interesting way? Also, indulging in the fetishes that we share and I am already trying to market to, of course.

I guess that’s the journey we’re all on, to discover ourselves every day. Added to that self-discovery for me as well is the fact I am doing this in public, and professionally.

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