When Your Fantasy Comes True

It must be hard to be secretly in love with me. You get to sit on the sidelines of my life and watch me date other men, exploring and embracing my sexuality. It must be hard to watch all those boys online with a fistful of cash ready to tribute for no other reason than they know it will make me happy, and make my life easier.

At least that’s how I imagine it is for my good friend, who knows about my kinky side and even follows my dominatrix profiles online.

A short while ago I posted on social media about a cuckold arrangement I had heard about in a podcast. A woman (who was married to someone else) kept a cuckold. He adored her and did everything she said. He even followed her around and did much of her (online) work for her while she got to enjoy a fairly worry-free life with him maintaining her income, and his own.

With his own money, he bought them a home – a home which was ultimately her home – the home had multiple levels and she took most of the home for hers while she allowed him to live in a small part of her home. He also bought her a very nice car. He would clean and cook for her and also watch her go off on dates and sometimes do the clean up when she appeared at home. He was basically like a nineteen fifties house wife, only he was also her financial submissive and her cuckold.

When I heard the story, I adored it so much that I shared it on a cuckold forum and asked if anyone had heard of such an arrangement. Of course all the people who are currently not living in cuckold arrangements told me that of course this wasn’t cuckold. Cuckold was only for married people, also findom bad. Turns out that after asking strangers on the internet for their opinion, I didn’t really care what they thought, I still loved the idea. I left the forum to its own devices as everyone argued about what they thought real and true cuckoldry was. I left with a smile on my face, because now I knew that other people were practicing the kind of lifestyles I was most attracted to.

My male friend who is secretly in love with me though, he had a different reaction to the internet strangers. The next time we spoke, he asked me about the post and where I had heard about this woman. I told him where I heard about her and he told me that he loved her style, what she had achieved with this guy and that they were so happy in this dynamic.

Then he told me that he would like this dynamic, with me. He would purchase us a home where I could have parts of the home that were mine and he could have parts of the home that were his. He would serve me in any way I desired, including being my house boy and cuckold.

Y’all might think this is a made-up story, but I am beginning to see that such things are not so uncommon in kink circles, if people concentrate hard enough on their fantasies in their purest form, and keep romance and dating out of it. This is something I couldn’t do a decade ago when I was a baby kinkster coming into things.

Currently, I am thinking about this. I am in a position where I am financially stable and don’t need anyone to buy me a home, but if I were to own another home, it wouldn’t hurt either. What I am most interested in though, is this purely kink-driven relationship, that is what draws me in and captivates me so much.

I love kink, and I love fetish. Every day when I wake up to an inbox full of DMs is a good day. So why not continue down this path? We’ll see what happens. I am afraid of things falling apart, or this being too good to be true. There are plenty of legal things that one needs to look into before making this fantasy a reality. The thought is exciting, but the bureaucratic stuff, well, we’ll see.

I wanted to share this story with y’all. If you have a kink and want to explore it badly enough, the opportunity can present itself, sometimes when you least expect it.

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