It’s My Birthday (In Less Than a Month!)

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

On the 20th of September, yours truly is having a birthday! This is something I am both excited about as birthdays are generally exciting. At the same time though I am maybe less than thrilled that I don’t get to celebrate the same way I usually do due to lockdowns here in Melbourne.

Then I thought of you guys. Of my boys who spend hours talking to me, who buy my content just to support me, who when I see their names pop up in my DMs or hear their voices on the phone, I smile from ear-to-ear.

I am lucky enough to have some of the best subs around.

There aren’t a lot of things I want right now. You know, with the world falling apart and all. Most things wouldn’t do me much good right now.

Most things except books. I love books. I have been reading a lot more since all of this started.

So this birthday I am going to ask for books. If you have enjoyed my writing, my pics, vids, erotic audios, following me on social, etc. over this past year, then sending me a book would be much appreciated. My Amazon list is over here.

I know a lot of girls say ‘if you spoil me, I’ll spoil you back!’ but that sort of kills the point of sending a gift for someone’s birthday. I may send something to boys who I am particularly happy with, but that’s not because they sent me something. It’s because I want to.

Until next time – be naughty, give us something to talk about! 😉



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