All The Ways AVN Stars Is Better

I have been pushing my AVN Stars profile lately. This is something you may have noticed if you are following me on social media. Mostly I uploaded content and talked to boys on there and kept it quiet, like my own personal fan club of only the people who are most interested in me, and what I am doing.

Then one of the boys on there pointed out that for $9.99 per month, he is getting all the content I upload and sell elsewhere for much more. He figured out how much he was saving, I won’t disclose that number here but it wasn’t anything to be sneezed at.

Initially, I thought that people wouldn’t want to join my AVN because it isn’t as popular as other sites I use, and also because of the subscription fee of $9.99 per month – although following is free – so I didn’t push it as much, rather, allowing those who wanted to, to get in touch with me on a much less crowded platform.

Things are changing now though. Not only is there now enough content there to make it a bargain to sign up, but I am also bringing in exclusive subscriber-only benefits. Previously I made a few audios for subscribers just because I liked them and enjoyed playing with them enough to want to give them something personal to keep. Now I am making that something I will do monthly, either pooling ideas people have for custom audios and having them voted on, or choosing my favorite from the suggested audios ideas.

I do not offer video clip customs anywhere else, and am thinking of offering this to subscribers.

You can also go live on AVN Stars and boys can watch you. I have been thinking of setting up some lives for when I am shooting fetish content, or perhaps for when I am getting ready for fetish events, enjoying a bubble bath, whathaveyou.

Mostly I enjoy the fact I can say anything I like on AVN Stars. I know Twitter has been under pressure to shadow ban NSFW accounts and OnlyFans gets bad press for deleting girls accounts for no reason (although I don’t personally know anyone with this story so I cannot verify). AVN Stars is specifically made for NSFW feeds and DMs. That means it is safe to say whatever naughty things I like.

After my OnlyFans took off in a big way last month too, and the slow burn that has been my AVN Stars, I have to say that I really do like the subscription model over sometimes sporadic calls on other sites.

Because of all this, I am going to push my AVN Stars a little more. For the next month at least I am offering 5% off if you subscribe for 6 months, and 10% off if you subscribe for 12 or more. This is off my already super low subscription fee of $9.99. To take advantage of this, you can click here.

Subscribe now and save on something that was already a great deal. I think that’s pretty rad myself.



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