Call Me While I’m Here

Taken from my ‘naughty list’ photo set (available in full on OnlyFans and NiteFlirt)

It’s almost the holidays here in Melbourne and I can feel it whenever I go out into the world and hear Christmas carols, see decorations, or people feeling super happy and free (we managed to knock COVID on the head right before the holidays and it’s eradicated here).

Between COVID and bushfires, Australian’s have had a huge year.

Like everyone else, I want to get out there and enjoy the warm weather, food, and drink that the holiday season brings.

After Friday I won’t be taking calls or spending time on social media (aside from checking OnlyFans) until the new year.

Here is a note now to let everyone know that if you’ve been curious and wanted to serve me for a while, or just allow yourself to be my plaything, then now is the time to reach out and get in touch.

Give me a call on NiteFlirt today or Thursday.

I also wanted to give everyone who has been sending me thoughtful little tributes a shout out! I appreciate it. x

Speak soon,



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