My NEW premium OnlyFans half price for first 5 subscribers!

I am super excited to announce that my new premium OnlyFans is launching today!

I have been talking about this for some time – about how I wish I had more time to write about kink, how I wish I had more time just to focus on kink but about how this isn’t paying the bills so I have to keep my regular vanilla gig.

Well, now you can help me free up some time to be a full-time dominatrix. I can create more content – blogs, images, videos, fetish and femdom audio. I can maybe even get into a little kink education if there is space for me out there.

Today I am launching my premium OnlyFans. As a subscriber, you will have access to unlimited DM days (which should save a pretty penny for many of you!); exclusive content and a heap of free FemDom and fetish pics!

Also! It’s half price to be one of the first five sign up right now AND tomorrow I am having the first unlimited free DMs day!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now!

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