He gets Bi with a Little Help from My Friends

Making space for men to explore their bisexual fantasies.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Male bisexuality is a huge taboo. A few years ago when the Queen biopic came out, I remember people were so quick to say that Freddie Mercury was gay, or that he was actually straight but ‘confused’. No-one wanted to address his sexuality in any real way, it was like there was just no space for a male bisexual, even in the 2020’s.

Male bisexuality and sexual fluidity isn’t something that men are encouraged to explore as much as women are encouraged to explore their own bisexuality and sexual fluidity. As a bisexual women, I know this too well.

Bisexual female users of dating apps are well used to the couple hitting on them with the female half being bi-curious and the male half being well, horny and believing himself ready for two women. But such a thing just doesn’t seem to exist the other way. Straight couples looking for a guy to join them is much more limited.

A few years ago while exploring my own fantasies of male bisexuality, I came across the forced bi kink and was immediately interested.

You mean I can ‘make’ straight guys gay/bi? That’s amazing!

Yes, some of these guys are genuinely straight and are just exploring the forced/coerced bi kink and it’s part of their wider sexual identity as a submissive in the BDSM context, but for some though it is a safe space to explore the bisexual fantasies they’ve long held and never had an opportunity to express until now.

Bisexual fantasies are just that, fantasies involving a woman and a man. They’re not gay or straight fantasies where everyone involved is of the one sex.

These fantasies are incredibly common, as is male bisexuality or sexual fluidity. We just don’t make the space for it.

Some of my first explorations into coerced bi or bisexual scenes were with friends and play partners who were already involved in the BDSM community. Over time this grew to my playthings wanting to go to dogging spots — places outdoors in the UK where people go to have sex or watch others have sex — and beats — places where gay men go to have sex with other men , I had trouble finding dogging spots after returning to my native Australia — often with the plaything dressed in their sissy finest. Sissy and coerced bi are often overlapping, although they don’t have to be.

These were wonderful times and I hold these scenes in a particularly wicked part of my brain, just as I try to seek out more opportunities to enjoy this play.

Forced bi/Coerced bi is addictive, once you start you never want to stop.

What was your first experience with forced bi/coerced bi and are you addicted yet? Tell me in the comments…

Originally published on Notes From Your Dominatrix.

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