The Power Of Feminine Attention & The Men Addicted To It

Men who tell you they’re not addicted to feminine attention are liars.

Photo by Valery Sysoev on Unsplash

Walking my dog one sunny Sunday morning in one of Melbourne’s gorgeous parks I had seen an old colleague round a corner ahead. The guy had been the worst kind of closet submissive when we had worked together and I knew better than to greet him or give him the littlest attention. Word on the grape vine was that he was now single and very much looking to mingle.

This same man who had been my supervisor and had delighted every time I told him what to do — I can’t leave my domme ass at home — and who had accused me of having feelings for him — to which I had informed him that if he could feel them, they couldn’t be my feelings — was apparently in the middle of an attempted hoe phase and was right in front of me.

So I snubbed him. It was deliberate and obvious, just as I had meant for it to be. I was not going to be welcoming his attentions, much less give him any of my own.

To people unfamiliar with the power of the attentions of a beautiful woman this next part may sound a little crazy, but it did happen. To the self-aware men and women reading this, the next part will shock no-one.

Another male colleague — a “nice guy” who I would say is also a closet submissive, so was happy to step in to “help” by making the call — gave me a call to tell me all about how the first guy had been attending the same park at the same time every Sunday since — and it had been a few months by the time his call came — in order to run into me again.

Of course he hadn’t. I wasn’t that committed to walking my dog in that particular park. I also knew that that particular park was quite a bit out of his way. Something that made his attentions much more obvious.

My caller told me the guy had asked for my new number and he had declined, instead saying he would pass our park guys details on to me instead. He didn’t want to burn bridges with me apparently.

“Send it on.” I said. “But I likely won’t be using it.”

My tone rather than making him feel frustrated on behalf of his friend actually made him perk up, “That’s fair enough.” he told me. “If ever you want to catch up…”

I am always seeing women selling their ‘attention’ online for tiny tributes of $20 or less. They obviously don’t know how badly men need that attention. They obviously don’t understand their own value — much less how much it costs to look this hot, be this well read, creative…

Apparently though, I do understand my own value.

Originally published on Notes From Your Dominatrix.

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