A Cuckold For Every Girl

When compulsory monogamy is boring and unsexy.

Originally published in Notes From Your Dominatrix

Women should be encouraged to live how they want, instead of being kept small under monogamy . This is something I see people within the cuckold community embracing in a big way, but which I feel we should all embrace.

These ideas around women and monogamy and how women want stability and a kind partner to help them raise children are just plain wrong.

Yes, sometimes women are looking for someone to build a nest with and have a bunch of kids, but oftentimes that is not what is going on and seeing it as the default is dangerous.

There has been plenty of science that outlines that women — human and otherwise — favor novelty and will choose partners who they find attractive, or who they find interesting or appealing in some way and that yes, we will still find other men attractive when we are partnered.

Now I know that non-monogamous relationships are not all that common for people outside of kink communities, but I really wish they were more common.

From my admittedly very biased perspective, men should all be locked in chastity and should be putting in the work to make women in their lives happy — as I have said again and again — but women, we should be happy. We were made to be happy. Being happy should be our only ‘job’ in relationships, instead of this raising a man, raising a child, caring for a home business.

Part of being happy may be getting a back rub after having a nice long, hot bath. Part of being happy may be having wild threesomes where multiple men are serving our every desire. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. Nothing should be getting between us and our happiness — not even societal constraints like compulsory monogamy.

Compulsory monogamy which doesn’t serve women and has never served women. It was an invention of agrarian societies who not having paternity tests wanted to be sure that the son inheriting the farm was in fact that farmers son and not the sexy guy down the road.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where women were happy and empowered, living our best lives? A world where we weren’t so stuck in the past?

Sign up to receive your cuckold husband today — no, just kidding. I don’t have them here ready to go, but there’s enough of them to go around. Just reach out and grab one ladies! 😉

And gents — get to work being the best men you can for your ladies. There is plenty of work to be done before and after you snag your girl!

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