Australian Goddess. While others hope men will fall to their knees I don’t have to hope. I inspire men, I nurture their submissive selves. I nurture those parts of them that they cannot show the rest of the world. It’s not a dirty little secret with me, but a sacred time where we exchange power, me taking the reigns for a while so you can relax into your submission and float away in bliss.

Our shared kinks and passions mean we can have plenty of fun playtime. My deep understanding of the psychology of kink and submission means that we can extend this well outside the realms of kinky playtime if you’re ready.

At least that’s what I tell the boys who seek my out, desperate to please and aching to serve. However dear reader, this could be different for you. Maybe. You have stumbled upon my blog, where I blog about my life as a professional and lifestyle domme. I blog plenty of things that anyone – not just a submissive – could find useful and interesting.

So come on a journey with me. Read old blogs, get to know me a little better.

What Other People Say

How did I get THIS LUCKY!?

Doting pet

The way you make me beg to give you everything makes me feel weak

Melbourne-based finsub

Detailed erotic imagination allied to kinky desires

AdultWork.Com Client

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