Serve Me

You are a submissive who wants to make my daily life easier. You are not motivated purely by the desire to be my plaything and you are not looking for a dominatrix life coach to help you reach your goals. What you want and need is to serve a superior dominant woman who can use you and shape you into her perfect submissive over time.

If this is you, keep reading to learn more about what I am seeking…


Have wicked marketing skills & an abundance of time to use them to push my brand?

I am open to input and marketing coaching from professionals only who have taken the time to review my strategy before getting in touch.

Proof Reading

Happy to do some ad hoc proofreading of ads, emails, social posts, blogs, erotic stories, etc, etc?

This position is open to those who have a professional background in publishing and editing only. I already have plenty of pets who alert me when I make a mistake somewhere online! 😉

Anything else?

Have other skills that would be of use to me? Get in touch with details about what you bring to the table, keeping in mind that I don’t respond – or even read – emails from people who want to serve that do not come with an initial tribute of at least a $50 gift card.

Email me:

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