How to Instant Message (IM) me on Adult Work

When talking to someone who called me for the first time after last weeks post about calling me on Adult Work, they pointed out that in the blog about how to call me on Adult Work, I didn’t mention the IM feature, which was true. Right now I know a lot of people don’t have the privacy they had before. So IM is a pretty important way to connect with your domme.

So here it is, a quick guide to getting in touch with me via IM.

Normally I am available on Adult Work’s IM at the same time that I am available on the phone. If you see me available on one but not the other though, give me a quick call or IM to tell me you want to connect via the other and I’ll make myself available. The reason for this has a lot to do with the website timing out, which you don’t always notice right away if you’re busy doing other things.

First of all, head over to my profile. Then scroll down to the part that says ‘To chat via DirectIM click here’. This will be green when I am online, click on that and it will bring you right into my dungeon, I mean, through to an IM chat session with me.

Looking forward to the flood of boys who didn’t realise they could do this! 😉



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