Discreetly Smell My Feet All Day Before Licking My Filthy Shoes Clean

Foot boys are a favorite of mine. I love how crazy they go for a little toe wiggle. I’ve created plenty of videos of me ignoring them while wriggling my toes, massaging my feet, showing them off, showing off all kinds of footwear in clips and pics…

Now though I am offering something a lot more personal. A chance to get up close and personal with the aroma of my gorgeous feet.

This evening I listed my filthy-dirty two year old sneakers that I wear every single day. I sweat in them, I get them muddy – as you can see – and they’re truly ready for a new home where they can be loved and adored by someone else.

I also listed something that I thought of myself but have not seen anyone else doing. As of right now you can purchase a mask worn under my sweaty little foot all day so you can discreetly breathe in the aroma of my feet while you’re at work, doing the supermarket shopping, traveling, whatever. If these are popular I’ll keep offering them. They’re available internationally. Sadly the sneakers are only available inside Australia as shipping shoes is a pain in the ass.

There you have it, two very good reasons to hit up my ManyVids store. Looking forward to seeing you there, foot pet! 😉



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