Special phone rates THIS WEEK ONLY!

Those of you who are on the email newsletter will already know this, but for everyone else, I have a special announcement! 

This week, I am slashing my phone chat prices so everyone who has called me this year can reconnect, and anyone new who has been shyly waiting in the sidelines can connect for the first time! 

I have done this because this is my first year as an online dominatrix and I have had such a wonderful year and want a chance to wish everyone who made it so a fantastic festive season! Also, I will be away between now and the 6th of January and wanted to make sure I have a chance to talk to everyone before I go! 

When I took a sabbatical earlier this year, I didn’t have much notice myself, so didn’t get a chance to say anything to anyone before I went, and I think some people were upset about not being able to contact me for a month. So, I have learned from that and now that I have a chance to speak with everyone before a planned absence, I will take it. 

How much are these prices slashed by you say? 

For those who are on AdultWork, I am lowering my rates to £1.29 per min for phone calls and £1 per min for IM chat (group and private will be the same price). 

For all other platforms (that’s iWantPhone, NiteFlirt and TalkToMe) My rates will be $1.69 per min for phone calls. 

Over the course of the next week, I will more-or-less be keeping the same hours I always have, however, I expect to have more phone calls and as a result of having lower rates, so will be switching off different phone lines in busy periods so I can answer everyone. If you see me on social media or know this is a time I would normally be online though and I’m not, send me a message and I’ll mark myself as available where you are. 

If you miss the opportunity to talk and are reading this after that week is up, don’t worry, you can still hear my voice giving you devilish instructions by purchasing my audios from Clips4Sale and iWantClips in my absence. 

Want to give me a little Christmas gift? You can tip through these sites or send me a tip through my AVN Stars profile

What are you waiting for? Go over to your favorite platform and give me a call! 

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!



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