What Online submissive Training Looks Like

Friends in the world of BDSM have told me that they couldn’t understand how – or why – I train submissives, slaves and sissies online. They’re used to in-person relationships with a big emphasis on the physical. Me however, I see things a bit differently.

Although the physical side of BDSM has been important to me in the past – especially at the beginning of my BDSM journey while living in London – I found that the longer I was interested in BDSM and the more I got to experience the mental and emotional side of this lifestyle and these relationships, the more I liked it until finally, I wanted nothing but dynamics built on mental and emotional connections.

When I found the world of the online dominatrix, I knew I had found my home!

Nowadays, I can’t see myself not living a life of the adored goddess who has boys paying tribute just to hear her voice or to receive a message from her. I can’t see myself not tormenting boys online about my recent date night or the promising date I am about to go on that they will never have with me.

Taken from my first ever video clip – squee!

But, how does this start? Isn’t what you do just people masturbating to phone sex?

Well, yes and no.

Sometimes I allow play things to get off as I tell them all the naughty things I will do to them, or as they call an ignore line and cough up $5 a min to listen to my dates, they’re allowed to masturbate, but then sometimes I don’t allow them to do so.

As much as some submissives have never been allowed to cum while on the phone to me – or anywhere else – others started as people who would call me to get off to a fantasy, then got to know me over a period of time and slowly, slowly, I made them surrender.

Other submissives are people who called me and expressed a deep and earnest desire to submit to the goddess. They will fulfill tasks of mine, talking to me on a phone line or via skype (paying tribute all the while, of course). They will want me to take control of their lives in more than just the sexual aspect, but often it starts with me taking control of their orgasm.

I can’t complain, this is a great way to start, me thinks! 😉

Taken from my first ever video clip – squee!

Do you have any submissives right now, Miss Victoria?

Currently I have a few submissives who are instructed to tribute a certain amount every week whether I choose to talk to them on the phone or via IM or not. They tribute me for the privilege of it, they are contributing to my life in a positive way as I am making their lives better.

While we sometimes play, over time it becomes more than that as I instruct my subs to set goals, as I push them to be better in their lives and to spread the joy further than just our dynamic.

One of my submissives is currently preparing to leave a 9-to-5 job he has had for over a decade in order to pursue his passion project. This is a big deal, and something that he is really excited for, but he often forgets important things while getting too far ahead of himself. I keep him grounded and remind him of the process he is going through, nudging him when he needs to do a little more research into something and helping him find someone to write a business plan – something he really needs to give him direction right now and for the first five years of his business.

Another sub of mine, a sissy who was one of the first people to reach out to me when I started pursuing online domination is someone who over the past six months I have been helping to prepare as she reveals herself and her fetish to her wife of more than thirty years. It is a scary and exciting time, but I am confident that my sissy will be able to make this into a positive for her and her partner – and to be fair, the partner probably already knows!

Is there space in your stable for another sub, Miss Victoria?

A short while ago someone new reached out to me, he had similar fetishes to me – actually we share some of my biggest kinks – and he was, I think, trying to figure out intellectually how online domination would work for him. Would it be a stop gap before he could find a local domme? Would it be a rewarding relationship in itself? Would it be a relationship that could run side-by-side with his other relationships, say if he started dating someone new in his regular vanilla life, would he be able to have that relationship and this relationship at the same time?

I guess all of these things could be true, and that’s what makes this sort of dynamic so wonderful, that it could take any form. It is difficult though to express that in words in a short answer to someone just calling me on a chat line, so I thought I would write this out here.

These sort of relationships can be as dynamic as the people in them, and I am sure I am just beginning to scratch the surface now too.

Oh, what will happen when I lead yet more submissives down the rabbit hole…



P.S. I hope y’all enjoyed my latex-clad pics! To grab a copy of the video they came from – recorded only yesterday – head on over to my Clips4Sale now!

3 thoughts on “What Online submissive Training Looks Like

  1. I enjoy your posts but I’m not into the lifestyle. But I LOVE your dress!!!


  2. Your pictures are simply delicious!


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