Unlimited DMs on OnlyFans for $100

On Monday the 17th of August I will be offering unlimited DMs on OnlyFans between 10am and 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne Time) for $100. Usually, I charge between $3-$20 per message, so this is quite a good deal! This is an offer I am limiting to six people, so I will be able to respond to peoples messages within a reasonable time frame.

I messaged a bunch of you on OnlyFans and asked if you would be interested, then received a bunch of messages from people who said they would be. Then, I mentioned this to people on FetLife and actually had a bunch of people from FetLife subscribe to my OnlyFans to take advantage of the offer.

As sometimes people like an idea more than they like the reality, I am not going to make this a recurring thing unless the people who subscribe to it seem to be getting a lot out of it. So this may be something I only offer the one time, it might be something I offer when there are a lot of people asking for it, or it might be something I offer on a recurring basis. We will have to see what works best for everybody.

I am actually really excited about this though. I would like it to be a regular thing, as I enjoy talking with you guys and can also see the possibility for sessioning this way where I have a bunch of guys following my commands and fulfilling tasks for me all at once. That’s an idea I can get behind!

As I am putting a limit on this – at least the first time – I am going to have to insist on a first in, first served basis. I will write on my OnlyFans time line when I have run out of spaces for the unlimited DM offer, so keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, send you $100 tip via OnlyFans now to ensure your place.

I am really looking forward to Monday – I can’t imagine many people say that, actually!

Speak soon y’all!


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